Air Shower

Manufacturer: HY Cleanroom Technology Co., Ltd.
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Air Shower for Cleanroom

Air showers are various in showering, arranging from single-side, double-side, or top-side or combined, and have different door types, manually-operated door, auto-door and shutter door.

Air Shower

Model AS800-1P AS800-2P
Filter Efficiency H13/ H14 >=99.99%(@>=0.3 μm )
Air Flow (m/s) ≥ 25
Shower Time 0-99s (adjustable)
Number of Nozzle 16 32
Number of Operator 1 2
Power Supply AC380V,3Φ,50Hz
Consumption (w) 1100 1500
Body SuS304 plate / Stoving Varnish
Door SUS304 plate
Overall Dim. (W*D*H) 1200*1000*2100 mm 1200*2000*2100 mm
Internal Dim. (W*D*H) 800*900*1980 mm 800*1400*1980 mm
Note: The size, showering and door type can be customized.

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