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Cleanroom Door for cleanroom is characterized by its air tightness and flush surface. According to material of construction (MOC), there are three type: steel door, stainless steel door and UPL door, complete with sight window, door lock, bottom seal, etc.


*50mm thick door drame to keep flush with wall panel, no dust collection and easy cleanning

*Equipped with drop down bottom seal to ensure air tightness

*All doors with double-glazed toughened glass as view windows

* Applciation: cleanroom for pharma micro-electronics, lab, hospital, etc.

Power-coated Steel Door for Cleanroom

stainless steel door for cleanroom

Hight Pressure Laminate (HPL) Door for Cleanroom

Door Type Power-coated Steel Door/Stainless Steel Door/High Pressure Laminate Door
Door Leaf Power-coated Steel Sheet (1.0mm thick)
Door Frame Power-coated Steel Sheet (1.2mm thick)
Infill Material Paper, Aluminum Honeycombs, Rockwool (Optional)

Dimension W*H(mm)
(900+900)*2100 (double-leaf)
(900*300)*2100 (unequal doulbe leaf)
View Window Double-glazed (5mm thick) Toughened Glass 400mm(W)*600mm(H); 
Round corner or right-angled coner (Optional)
Door Lock Stainless Steel Handle Lock
Bottom Seal Drop-down Bottom Seal
Optional Accessories Door Closer, Interlocking Device

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