Horizontal Laminar Flow

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CONTEC AIR FLOW make  laminar work stations create areas supplied with a continuous flow of clean air to maintain a work environment that is free from dirt, particles, and toxic or noxious fumes. Laminar work stations are designed to foster worker comfort, convenience and productivity. These equipments are pre-fabricated, in a compact modular design and are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to satisfy nearly any requirement. 

They provide a Class A working environment (according to GMP guidelines). The main focus of application is product or process protection against contamination introduced by many sources, such as personnel, general work area, manufacturing, performance, process, machinery, or the product itself




  • Pharmaceuticals and chemical research laboratories.
  • University clinics.
  • Electronic industry.
  • Optical industry
  • Aerospace
  • System engineering
  • Excellent cost / performance ratio
  • Minipleat HEPA filter of efficiency 99.999% for supply
  • User-friendly handling
  • Magnehelic gauge for pressure differential
  • Fluorescent light
  • UV light along with hour meter
  • Acrylic/ Polycarbonate side panels
  • Units are available in two types
  • Horizontal flow
  • Vertical flow.
  • LAF  benches are scientifically designed equipment to produce a laminar pattern air flow.
  • They are available in various models and are used for class 100 working conditions.
  • The desired working condition are achieved with the help of battery of filters like 10/20 microns,3/5 microns and HEPA.
  • Noise level is kept between 50-75 db.with optimum illumination.
  • In order to confirm to the most stringent cleanliness standards in the world like ISO 14644,the equipment has been designed with utmost precision


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