Photostability Chambers

Manufacturer: Newtronic Lifecare Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
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Photostability chambers are specifically designed to perform near UV and visual light testing with fluorescent lamps per ICH Q1B Guidelines, Option 2. This unit controls light and temperature conditions through an easy-to-use color touch-screen interface. Uniform light distribution and high intensity levels allow quick response for forced degradation testing and confirmatory studies. The confirmatory studies should identify precautionary measures needed in manufacturing or in formulation of the product, and if light resistant packaging is needed.

At the end of the exposure period, the samples should be examined for any changes in physical properties (e.g., appearance, clarity, or colour of solution) and for assay degradation.

NEWTRONIC chambers are fully controlled via the PLC with features such as alarms for aging lamps, auto-switch off of UV lights upon door opening. Specular reflective surfaces provide uniform UVA & VIS light reflection and maintain proper SPD (spectral power distribution). Additionally, the chamber also provides precise humidity control.

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