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Autoclave - Portable ST Autoclave - Portable ST Autoclave - Portable PAD Autoclave - Portable PAD Autoclave - STWL Autoclave - STWL Autoclave - Vertical PAD Autoclave - PAD Autoclave - Vertical FA Autoclave - FA SLEFA Fully Automatic Autoclave Autoclave - SLEFA Series Autoclave - SLEDOC Autoclave - SLEDOC Series Autoclave - SLEDOC Praano Series Autoclave - Praano Series Autoclave - SLV Series Autoclave - SLV Series Autoclave - SLEDD Series Autoclave - SLEDD Media Preparator Autoclave Media Preparator cum Autoclave Autoclave – Table Top Flash Sterilizers Autoclave - Table Top Front Loading Prabal Series - Advanced Autoclave - Table Top Front Prabal Series Autoclave - Table Top Front Loading Prabal Series - Basic Autoclave - Front Loading Table Top Class B Autoclave - Front Loading - Class B Autoclave by Medica Instruments has been specially designed for laboratory procedures, medical uses like dental clinics, hospitals, nursing homes etc. The standard model of our systems is available with a wide capacity range from 5 to 20 liters. Apart from standards models, we also provide the most competitive prices on the Portable Autoclave. Our portable autoclaves have been designed ergonomically and feature long years of performance worry free, safe operations and maximum efficiency. Most of the products are compact in design and thus, occupy very low bench space. The autoclaves are easier to install and require no special training. No installation is needed, all you need plug and use. Each of the units has been constructed with stainless steel material and heavy gauge aluminum. Being the top notched laboratory autoclaves manufacturers, we put special focus on testing and compliance with the special parameters to ensure safe operations. These portable autoclaves are equipped with safety devices that protect operator and samples from over-pressure, over current and other mishandling conditions. Check out the prices and products from the links and order as per your commercial needs.

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