Rapid Mixer Granulator

Manufacturer: Captech systen
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Country India

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Product Description

Rapid Mixer Granulator is used for mixing of ingredients as well as wet granulation. The Impeller is multibladed and is fitted close to the base of the mixing bowl where as the chopper is mounted on the wall of the mixing bowl. The impeller & the chopper have multispeed operation capability which is achieved through VFD , it helps in distributing the binder solution as it is added and creating the mixer of the Material.

Models RMG 25 RMG 50 RMG 100 RMG 150 RMG 250 RMG 400 RMG 400 RMG 700 RMG 1200
GROSS CAPACITY IN Ltrs 25 50 100 150 250 400 600 700 1200

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