Strip Packing Machine

Manufacturer: SAMS Techno Mech Pvt. Ltd.
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City Mumbai
State Maharashtra
Country India

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Product Description

Packs a wide range of products in easily dispensable strips with economy and speed. With capacity up to 2400Strips per minute, its automatic trouble free operation meets the market standards.

Capable of handle wide range for pharmaceuticals products namely, Coated and Uncoated tables, Hard gelatin capsules, Capsule shape Coated and Uncoated tablets, standard confectionary  products  etc.

Salient Features

  • GMP construction
  • Models ranging from 2 Tracks to 10 Track, 40 mm to 300 mm sealing width.Take off conveyors of different sizes to convey strips to inspection and packing tablets
  • Customized to different products sizes & shapes.
  • Machine suitable for different heat sealable packing laminates
  • Temperature control by thermostat or digital temp. indicator and control panel manpower for operation
  • Electrical motor suitable for 415V/380V/3PH/50CS/AC Supply

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