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Civil And Medical Masks, Ffp2 / N95 Masks Protective Gowns

Posted Date: 29-Apr-2020

Product Description

pharmaglobiz User From Germany Is Want To Buy Protective Disposable Civil And Medical Masks, Ffp2 / N95 Masks Protective Gowns And Other Goods. First Order Will 100,000 Disposable Masks And 100.000 Disposable Growns

Minimum Order Quantity :
100,000 disposable masks and 100.000 disposab
Approx Price :
., Braunschweig, GERMANY

More Information

Please Tell Me Some Information About Your Company:

1.    Quantity And Price Of Masks And Other Goods That You Can Supply.
2.    We Need Your Assistance In Providing Services Including Chinese Customs Export Declarations And Domestic And International Transport. If This Can Be Met, Please Assess The Cost Of Customs Export Declarations And The Total Cost Of Shipping. Transport Should Be Estimated By Air, Sea And Train, Respectively. Please Use 100,000 Masks As An Example For Customs Export Declarations And Shipping Costs.
3.    Whether You Have The Export Right Certificate Of The Manufacturer, Ce Certification Of The Manufacturer, And Proof That The Mask Products Meet The Requirements Of En Standards.
4.    Delivery Time: How Many Days After We Place The Order Is Expected To Ship.
5.     Can The Following Mask Packaging Requirements Be Met?boxes Of Paper With 50 Masks Each. The Box Should Contain The Following Information In English: Name Of The Product, Quantity Of The Package, Certification And Information On The Standards Implemented By The Product.
6.   terms Of Payment. Do You Have A Corporate Foreign Exchange Account. Do You Have Any Requirements For The Form Of Payment?
7.    Procurement Contracts. Acceptance Of A Procurement Contract In English, Including Terms Of Purchase And Delivery, Liability For Breach Of Contract, Termination Of Contract And Claims.
8. Is It Possible To Make A Own Packaging Brand ?

Do You Have Someone In Your Company Who Speaks German ?

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