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Water Purification Plant

Posted Date: 24-Aug-2019

Product Description

pharmaglobiz Buyer From Peru Is Looking For water Plant To Obtain Pharmaceutical Water For Injection. That Is Pw + Pw I
Water Generation (pw), 2000l Storage (tank), Pw Distribution (this Water Pw Enter In The System Of Pw I)
Water Generation Pwi, 2000l Storage (tank), Distribution Pwi (final Water Pwi)
1 Reverse Osmosis + Electrodeionizer Pw Kit
2 Purified Water Storage Tank (pw)
3 Skid Pump And Purified Water Loop Control (pw)
4 Loop Of Purified Water (pw) Dn40, Isolated, With 7 Points Of Use
5 Multi-effect Distiller Pwi
6 Distilled Water Storage Tank (wfi)
7 Skid Control Pumping And Distilled Water Loop (wfi)
8 Loop Of Purified Water (wfi) Dn40, Insulated, With 7 Points Of Use
9 Central Control Cabinet With Supervisory Supervisio

Minimum Order Quantity :
1 UNit
Approx Price :
., Paita, PERU

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