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Domperidone 10mg, Cefixime 100mg, Pantoprazole 20mg, Carvedilol 3.125mg, Antacids Tab

Posted Date: 12-Jun-2019

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pharmaglobiz Buyer Want to Import below Mention (myanmar Fda Approved Drc)
Products To Myanmar Market.
1.domperidone 10mg 10x10 Blister Pack
2.cefixime 100mg 1x10 Alualu Mono Pack
3.cefixime 200mg 1x10 Alualu Mono Pack
4.pantoprazole 20mg 10x10 Alualu Pack
5.pantoprazole 40mg 10x10 Alualu Pack
6.carvedilol 3.125mg 3x10 Blister Pack
7.antacids Tab 10x10 Blister Pack
8.vitamins+minerals 3x10 Blister Pack
9.levocetrizine 5mg 10x10 Blister Pack
10.flucloxacillin 250mg+amoxacillin 250mg 10x10 Alualu Pack
11.b1+b6+b6 10x10 Alu Bliste Pack

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., Yangon, MYANMAR

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