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Vial Vaccine Filling, Stoppering, Capping And Labeling Plant

Posted Date: 05-Dec-2018

Product Description

pharmaglobiz Buyer From South Africa Have Require vial Vaccine Filling, Stoppering, Capping And Labeling Plant

Minimum Order Quantity :
1 Unit
Approx Price :
Sandton, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA

More Information

this Filling Plant Is Meant For Veterinary Vaccines Based On 22mm Diameter Vials To Be Filled Under A Sterile Tent Of ~ 3 X 4 Meters Size (existing). As Some Of These Vaccines Will Be Lyophilized, The Stoppering System Should Be Able To Insert Lyophilization Stoppers (not Air Tight!!) And Standard Stoppers. The System Is Constructed Of 2 Parts, The Filling And Stoppering Unit And A Capping And Labelling Machine Which Can Be Bridged To Allow A Continuous Process.
There Will Be 4 Different Processes
1.) Filling Of Vaccines For Lyophilization: I.e. Filling (max 5 Ml), Stoppering With Lyophilization Stoppers, Semi Closing Of The Vials And Shifting The Vials On To A Tray Which Can Be Loaded Directly To The Lyophilizer (or Maintained In A Cold Store)
2.) Filling Of Vaccines Without Labelling: Vaccines Will Be Filled (up To 5 Ml) Into Bottles/ Stoppered And Capped. Labelling Only After For Instance A Qc Process.
3.) Capping And Labelling Of Vials After Lyophilisation
4.) Filling Of Vaccines Including Labelling: There The Process Includes All Steps And Should Be Continuous And Delivering The Filled And Labelled Bottles.

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