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Laminar Air Flow Benches

Posted Date: 28-Apr-2018

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Pharmaglobiz Buyer From Thane want to buy Laminar Air Flow Benches details mention in technical.

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Thane, Maharashtra, INDIA

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Functional and Performance Requirements
The Unit shall meet the following functional and performance requirements: 

A complete, stand-alone unit, including a Laminar Flow Bench and a support base, and provide protection for personal, when properly used, equivalent to a Class II microbiological safety cabinet; 

No connection to an exhaust system shall be required to provide protection equivalent to a Class II microbiological safety cabinet; 

Provide three separate stages of HEPA-type filtration: on the incoming air before it enters the plenum below the working surface, on the air exhausted from the Unit, and on the air providing the laminar flow over the working surface: the laminar flow air on the working surface shall provide aggregate filtration of particles of the most penetrating particle size to a level of 99.9999995% or better, when compared to the incoming air;

Be equipped with a clear front window that is electrically adjustable from fully open (at least 25 cm) to closed with a single hand: when the front window is closed, it shall provide a dust-tightseal, even if the Unit is not operating; and it shall be possible to operate the Unit safely with a workingopening at the front face of greater than or equal to 18 cm;

Have safety Units that monitor the airflow and provide a visual indication that the Unit is providing airflow conditions for specified protection, and an audible alarm and visible indication when it is not providing this level of protection; 

Have a standard height of the work surface of approximately 75 cm ( /- 4 cm), suitable for working while seated; 
Have a nominal interior working size between 180 to 190 cm; 

Have a total height, including base, with a working surface at a height of at least 75 cm, not exceeding 225 cm; 

Have the option to have taps or connections for supplied gases (high purity nitrogen, argon, helium, oxygen, and filtered compressed air) installed on the rear surface of the flow bench: the input connection(s) should be located on the exterior, top surface of the flow bench; and all connections and tubing shall be of a cleanliness and material compatible with gases specified;

Have at least two ports for cable and tubing feed-through on each side (left and right) panel, with a diameter of greater than or equal to 2 cm, at a minimum height of 94 cm; 

Have all exposed surfaces made of corrosion-resistant materials or coatings suitable for long service (minimum 5 years, preferably 10 years) in a chemical laboratory where low concentrations of acid vapour may occasionally be present; 

Have a lighting in the interior of the Unit providing between 500 and 800 lux at the entire work surface: 

Have at least 4 electrical sockets provided in the interior of the Unit with a minimum combined output rating of 5 amps; and 
Laminar Flow Bench for ESL IAEA Specification Dated 2018-03-26 

Have an operational mode with reduced air flow and consequent reduced energy consumption, and lengthened filter lifetime, available when the front window of the Unit is safely closed. 

Technical Requirements 

The Unit shall meet the following technical requirements: 
Have a provision for preventing liquid spills within the work area from reaching the filter bank underneath the work surface; 

All electrical connections and equipment in this Unit shall conforming to Austrian electrical code: 

Have all consumable and common replacement parts readily available in Europe, and delivered within 72 hours of order if required; 

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