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Posted Date: 25-Jan-2018

Product Description

Pharmaglobiz Buyer want to buy 2400 Ton HVAC Duct

Minimum Order Quantity :
2400 Ton
Approx Price :
Raipur, Chhattisgarh, INDIA

More Information

QUANTITY AND SPECIFICATION OF HVAC DUCTING MATERIALS SI NO MATERIAL SHEET GUAGE STANDARDS SPECIFICATION QUANTITY 1 GI 26/24/22/20/18 SMACNA/DW144 Hot Dipped Galvanized steel G90;with zinc coating 600mt 275gm/m2(Z27)as per AMERICAN-ASTM A 653/A 653M-94 BRITISH/EUROPEAN-BS EN 10143-Z275 2 STAINLESS STEEL 18/16/14 SMACNA/DW144 Stainless steel complying with ASTM A 480 shall 600mt be 304-L or 316-L welded longitudinal seams and welded transverese joints 3 BLACK STEEL 18/16/14 SMACNA/DW144 Uncoated carbon steel sheet complying with 600mt ASTM A 569 or uncoated carbon steel plates complying with ASTM A 36 4 FIRE RATED 18/16/14 BS 476 PART 24 Non-coated ductwork system made from galvanised 600mt sheet metal on dedicated machinery,which enables AND BS5588.Fire rated system which is rated for up to 4 hours stability and integrity with 2 hours insulation.

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